Sun Lizards and Moon Wizards, Greece

Our summer in the Cyclades Islands… What a dream! We decided to adventure this way after a horrible night out in Barcelona. We made a quick decision and booked a one-way flight to Mykonos within 24 hours of waking after that weird and wacky night.

The excitement kicked in around 6am when we flew in over the tiny white houses and the dry landscape. The airport was tiny, and not a soul to be seen. My girlfriend Kelsey’s parents who had already organized an airbnb on the island picked us up. I was worried about it being over priced and full of pumped up party people but it turns out you can escape that side of Mykonos. We spent our days on little secret beaches, exploring abandoned buildings and sinking into the Greek lifestyle. One week passed by and Kelsey’s family went home. We felt like one week wasn’t enough in Greece so we set sail (on an extremely rough ride) to our new destination… Milos.

The ferry ride was an adventure in itself. We spent over 12 hours in the giant rust bucket. Watching Characters come and go and listening to a large group of young gypsies play authentic Greek music.

Milos wasn’t hard to miss. Its landscape was so different from all the other islands we had passed. Red and purple volcanic rocks and colorful fishing villages right on the sea. We couldn’t resist staying in Milos for a whole month it was too good to be true. Camping, scooting around on our 50cc scooter, drinking iced freddo coffee and eating ridiculously amazing Greek pastries. Some nights it was so windy we used anything we could find to create a wind barricade and just drank whiskey until it passed. Most days we explored the island going up and down crazy dirt roads into the mountains and popping out at some private beach we had all to ourselves.

One of my favorite beaches was Sarakiniko, it was a very surreal place. A tiny beach entirely surrounded by white wind eroded rocks and cliffs. It was like stepping onto the moons surface.

Avan Podhajsky

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