What is the dream, what do I want to achieve?

It took me a while to have the courage to even hint what has been on my mind for a while onto paper. Everything I do (or do not) from this point on I hope to transcend to this… I want to buy the football team I have been a fan of all my life, one of the most successful football clubs in Africa Kaizer Cheifs based in South Africa.

I am humbled, but yet I do not give a fuck what anyone thinks about this audacious goal,,, Sitting on the side of what was the local municipality’s attempt to make a road, its the first day of 2018,,, I feel it now coming to me. I got only one chess piece in this game of entrepreneurship… hack, in this game of life. This one piece is a Queen, but its disguised as a pawn — underestimated and forgotten. Its all beginning to dawn on me what needs to be done… This document is a declaration of my personal freedom, my manifesto.

Is it Pawn or Queen?

I am done. I am done complaining. No more excuses. This is my life and I shall take full ownership of it if I am to be the entrepreneur that has the audacity and tenacity to say he wants to one day own a billionaire soccer club.

I have zero dollars in my pocket today, yet I have to (strangely I want to) take take a thousand steps backwards to make this a reality. I want the pain that goes with it. Literately, right now. as I am writing this, some guys have their car radio on full-blast shouting at the top of their lungs ‘ 2018’. While they are celebrating, I will be playing the long game baby. I will be thinking 2081, 2082, 2083, 2084… and I will be grinding for my legacy.

No more parties. No more chasing chicks. No more waking up after 8. No more playing music. No more series. No…No Ben! I cant hangout with you, I am writing. This opportunity called life comes once and I will not waste it.

So how am I going to get mine? Its simple really… Two things:

Number 1: I am going to outwork everyone in the market. Look Do not get it twisted. ..I don't give a rat ass about accumulating wealth… Hard work and feeling my body ache at the end of each day while knowing I have 2 more articles to post is the only currency I operate in.

Number 2: I am going to outcare everyone in the markets. Providing more value to the next person regardless of my feelings, the money they have or what anybody thinks. I will deliver obnoxious amounts of positivity to those I interact with. Now and Forever. The end. Thank you.

©LESh Writist 2018