21 ways to nurture cultural digital transformation

Lesley Crook
Feb 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Working Out loud in A Network #wolan

  1. #wolan’s beating heart is John Stepper’s Working Out Loud #wol book. It suggests instead of networking to get something, you lead with generosity, investing in relationships that give you access to other people, knowledge, and possibilities.

2. #wol also encourages you to make your work visible, framing it as a contribution. Described as “a 21st-century skill required for modern work”.

3. Working Out Loud in A Network #wolan adds depth and breadth to #wol making your work visible in an Enterprise Social Network (ESN).

4. #wolan can make Virtual Performance Management more efficient and effective as strengthens team engagement where you might share key performance indicators and communications in the areas of R&D, Manufacturing, Hospitals and Customer Servicesd … the possibilities are endless.

#wolan model …

5. Use an appropriate ESN. #wolan top quadrant: Depending on company size and maturity, often pre-determined by IT. It might be any of these #Yammer #Socialcast #IBMconnections #Jive #facebookworkplace … However #Slack is great for chat, functionality is limited so its not a collaboration tool.

6. Nurture ESN conversations around strategic goals and create associated groups. #wolan left quadrant: Run leader/end user change management “discovery” sessions in your ESN to determine the company’s 3–5 strategic goals and ask “what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) that need deeper discussion? It can be surprising how many employees are unaware of the company goals! Use open strategic groups to encourage employee engagement and collaboration. Use business intelligent #hashtags to nurture easy filtering and following of strategic and tacit knowledge that demonstrate the business for #performance #product #improvement #customer #measurement #agility …

7. Align your ESN conversations #wolan right quadrant: To your company cultural behaviours and values, pre-determined usually by HR for 360-degree performance reviews. You might use business intelligent hash-tagging to nurture filtering, following and proof of cultural, strategic, tactical, tacit knowledge in #innovation #breakingboundaries #training #accountability #fundraising #diversity …

8. Don’t think of your ESN as a standalone entity the #wolan lower quadrant: Instead embed ESN in processes, systems, tasks. Nurture staff to use the ESN app for anytime, anywhere, any place, flexible, speedy, trusted, authentic, better ways of working for #onboarding #R&R #ERP #Helpdesk #News #FM …

There’s more …

9. #wolan’s model is a big #hashtag shape to reinforce the importance of ESN tagging. How would you find anything on Twitter without hashtags? Nurture tagging on your ESN to filter and capture great conversations and knowledge sharing, supporting strategic goals and the right behaviours and values. Think of these as your business intelligent #hashtags that track business performance.

10. #wolan helps to position ESN business value with decision makers by sharing network successes.

11. #wolan helps with ESN governance inclusivity with IT, IC, HR, KM, FM, Marketing and global business process stakeholders. Bring together a cross-functional light-touch team. Perhaps create a private group to discuss the network on a day to day basis. ESN should not be owned by one function it should be owned by the enterprise. However, IT will usually be responsible for back-end maintenance with vendor, and Procurement usually managing the vendor contract.

12. #wolan nurtures ESN adoption with employees, specifically aided by the principles of #workingoutloud

13. #wolan illuminates cultural DNA with agility (agile-fast), lean thinking (removing wasteful ways of working — email) for better ways of working.

14. #wolan promotes ESN qualitative/quantitative use case success stories. Think Lean! Look at what worked elsewhere. Those not using the ESN yet see how others are, creating an air of serendipity to inspire similar or perhaps better ways as a self-fulfilling, agile virtuous prophecy! Ref: Stephen Danelutti article.

15. #wolan discovers unexpected leaders as your #intrapreneurs.

16. #wolan’s model above can be drawn up on the back of an envelope. Add your own business intelligent #hashtags and see how it might make sense in your company.

17. Applying #wolan agility in ESN helps to decrease (lean) email dependency by removing the limits of a siloed, command and control structure.

18. #wolan loves actionable, authentic, trusted, tacit knowledge.

19. #wolan does not suggest email goes away. Think Lean again! It remains useful for alerts, confidentiality, 1:1s and 3rd party business use.

20. #wolan endorsements come from Microsoft MVP Award | GSK German Works Council | Cambridge University Social Media for Business (SMfB) | Digital Workplace Group (DWG) | Engage Community | JBoye

21. Want to know more about ways to nurture digital transformation? Then contact me for a chat. I have been presented with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for Yammer!

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