Yammer! Goes from strength to strength at SharePoint Summit

Yesterday Microsoft hosted its SharePoint Virtual Summit. The SharePoint 2017 roadmap firmly planted #Yammer left right and centre!
  • Embedding authenticated video (such as from O365 or Microsoft Stream)
  • Deep integration between Yammer and documents in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Microsoft connectors bring content into Yammer
  • Microsoft Flow will connect Yammer to SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics, Outlook, and a range of 3rd party services (incl Twitter, Facebook)
  • Every Yammer group is now connected to the O365 group service
  • Yammer groups can now have dynamic membership, managed by O365 admins
  • New Yammer apps for iPad, Windows and Mac

Microsoft #SPSummit resources :

Build it and they will come is not a strategy, but a prayer! Yammer does need nurturing.

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