Okay, if you’re speaking specifically about the “Muslim” ban, then let me say this first: Muslim…
David Marino

No, my objection isn’t specifically to the “Muslim ban,” although I find much in that ban to object to. It is the way he treats all people other than his fellow billionaires. And I believe that it is those billionaires who are the “ruling class,” whether they are elected to an office or not, and they are looking out for only themselves. No, Obama doesn’t have the wealth to forego any salary. And comparing Trump to JFK is well past apples-and-oranges — they’re practically from different universes. The things Trump has enacted in his brief time run counter to many of the principles on which the country was founded and for which I hope we still stand (freedom of speech, separation of church and state, etc.). No, he hasn’t set foot in Camp David (at least they’re set up with proper security and staffing there), but he has been to his Florida home every weekend since his inauguration, and his family (his wife staying in New York, extra security for his children’s business trips, these weekend trips to Florida, security for a campaign rally when he hasn’t even been in office for a month — well, a month as of today) have cost taxpayers much, much more than the paltry (to him — what most any of us could do with that “paltry” sum) presidential salary.

Our disagreements aside, thank you for talking with me. There is so much negativity on all sides that I have enjoyed a reasonable, thoughtful discussion. With this, I sign off for the evening. :-)

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