White America - fuel for the Great Black Awakening

by Leslie Mac — Founder Ferguson Response Network

White America has been very clear over the past 2+ years about what it deems “unacceptable” forms of protest:

Now we have a nation of delusional white people complaining about “sitting down at a football game” as a form of protest. One can’t help but ask, what form of protest would be acceptable to white America?

As a Black American is has been painful hearing the most privileged of our citizens continue to demand reverence for their opinions on how we should go about getting free. Painful because it’s clear white America has no idea just how untrustworthy they are on this topic. Or maybe they do & just don’t care. Who knows at this point — I would like to put this current climate of protest in it’s proper context for those who may not have the full picture.

The first African slaves were brought to this (already occupied — #NoDAPL) land in 1619. They were brought here because white colonists decided that indentured servitude was “too costly” for their economic success. They needed something cheaper, actually they wanted something FREE. This is what America is built on — something for NOTHING.

In the centuries that followed, Black people on this land have been the fuel for the engine of the economic might of this world dominating power. And we have been burned to a crisp in that engine in the process.

Throughout it all, white America has consistently ignored it’s own role in our plight & pain while simultaneously claiming that our very existence is the REAL source of our problems. But let’s have a look at what Black America HAS done in our quest for a better life here in America.

We have collectively played by the supremacy steeped “rules of engagement”.

Still we are persecuted.

We have educated ourselves. 
We have forsaken the “lower class”. 
We have killed ourselves to appear non threatening.

Still we are persecuted.

We have divided ourselves into the worthy & the expendable. 
We created the talented 10th.

Still we are persecuted.

We have forsaken our ancestral heritage.
We have poisoned our bodies to meet your beauty standards.
We conformed in ways that have made us psychologically sick and emotionally empty.

Still we are persecuted.

We have become leaders in medicine, education, music, sports, law, public policy- we even became the President of these United States.
We have played by your rules for centuries. Hoping at some point America would turn its heart towards our plight & see our value.

And still we are persecuted.

Then Trayvon was killed by George Zimmerman. And America didn’t care. America delighted in this man stalking and shooting an unarmed Black child blocks away from his home. So three Black women & a group of freedom fighters in Florida decided to flip the script. They occupied the FL state house. They took to the streets of LA & DC. They said simply #BlackLivesMatter even though America made it crystal clear that in their eyes we don’t matter at all.

Then Mike Brown was murdered & the people of #Ferguson said ENOUGH. They said the game is rigged. They said we ain’t playing by those rules anymore. They said throw your worst at us — we aren’t backing down. They said that over & over again creating the longest sustained protest in the history of this country.

Then Tamir Rice was killed and we watched an entire nation justify the cold blooded murder of a baby-faced 12-year old in a public park across the street from his house.

Then Freddie Gray’s spine was severed in an unlawful stop and we once again were subjected to white America’s idea of whose life matters & whose doesn’t.

John Crawford, Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Korryn Gaines, Alton Sterling — the names never stop coming.

White America’s response never stops either. Every day we as Black people seeking change feel the brunt of America’s shame. A shame that has allowed a society to deny our individual pain while simultaneously blaming us for our collective plight. It is in this climate of America’s shameful denial that the great awakening is happening. More & more Black people are waking up from their supremacy & respectability induced slumber.

To be clear, this awakening is not due to the actions of Black organizers or activists. It’s not because of the important and critical work of the people of Ferguson or the Black Lives Matter Network or Dream Defenders. While that work has allowed the movement to capitalize on the great awakening, it is not the reason for it.

No — white America what has created the great awakening is YOUR response to our plain & simple demand to be treated like human beings. Your predictably fragile & irrational response to our cry for justice has become our fuel.

When we say #BlackLivesMatter & you distort it’s message-with your All Lives Matter rhetoric. You are waking more of us up.

Every peaceful justified protest tactic you denounce as “unacceptable” emboldens us.

Every tank you send to confront groups of unarmed Black youth is an alarm clock for those that are still asleep.

Every Black public figure who speaks up for their people that is buried beneath a barrage of racist paternalistic critiques — stokes the flames of change higher.

Every time you look at our pain and center your response on your simplistic irrational fears & feelings — you hip more of us to the real deal of race in America.

So keep doing you white America. Game recognizes game. We see you & we will not be fooled this time. So allow me to leave you with some advice.

You should know there is only one thing you can do to put this movement to bed. Bring about #FreedomNow. That’s it.

Anything less is no longer on the table. You have used up all your “let’s sit down & work this out together” cards. You have lost the privilege of being believed and trusted.

This is the new reality. Adjust yourselves accordingly & get used to it.


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