Five days after Michael Brown was murdered by Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO — a National Moment of Silence vigil for victims of police brutality was organized that included over 100 cities across the country.

This incredible nationwide effort started with a concept and several tweets from activist and writer Feminista Jones — who had a simple idea that would empower those of us who cared about what was happening in Ferguson and around the country by bringing people together in solidarity and purpose.

#NMOS14 would be a personal turning point for me as a organizer and activist…

Today is the 4 year anniversary of the #FergusonUprising — when the people of Ferguson after witnessing the state murder Mike Brown took to the streets and changed the world.

Each year I reflect on the lessons that #FergusonTaughtMe and I encourage everyone to do the same. We must recognize the sacrifices made by the Ferguson protesters and continue to reckon with the ways we have failed them as people and as a movement.


  • That a military coup could happen in this country and the populace not bat an eyelash.
  • That Black Queer Women are leaders we have been…

for all my sisters

Last night, I went to bed with dread in my heart and woke up with despair in my eyes. This week, like so many others, is filled with news that continually tells me I exist just to be harmed by the world.

When I opened my eyes today Alice Walker’s words in The Color Purple were on my mind:

“A girl child ain’t’ safe in a family of mens.”

I extend Walker’s declaration to say truthfully no girl or woman is safe in a world where patriarchy, white supremacy, transphobia, anti-LGBTQ+ violence, and ableism are the…

I am tired. Tired of white people seeking to be in solidarity with Black Women failing to take responsibility for their mistakes and having to do the heavy lifting of correcting them over and over and over again.

The July 4th round of “white allies” fucking up was as toxic as all the rest, but as with most situations regarding white people, the mistakes themselves were the least offensive thing we had to deal with.

No when white people fuck up, it is almost always their RESPONSE to being called out that adds insult and incredulity to injury. …

ESSAY | The death of Charleena Lyles this week shows us that

People attend a memorial outside an apartment building of Charleena Lyles. (Ken Lambert/The Seattle Times/AP)

We have lost yet another black woman to state violence this week.

Charleena Lyles, a pregnant mother of four was gunned down by police in her home. Lyles called the police reporting a burglar in her home. Instead, they showed up and killed her in front of her children.

There are many things about this devastating tragedy that are worth writing about. The narrative being spun by Seattle police via The Seattle Times and other media outlets, the eyewitness accounts of the incident, the notion that bullets are needed to “handle” a tiny black woman in her own home.


Yesterday on social media I asked:

ICYMI (and it seems most of you did indeed miss it) Toupee Fiasco issued a series of Executive Orders related to police authority that clearly & openly target Black people in general & Black protesters, organizers & activists specifically. These orders were issued at a press conference that once again pushed the “war on cops” lie.

And I read 45’s words — he said things like: “restore safety”, “threat of rising crime”, “it’s a shame, what has been happening to our great, our truly great, law enforcement officers. That is going to stop…

#Trayvon would have been 22 years old today. Sometimes his face crosses my mind & I wonder what he would have done in the world.

Would he have be falling in love right now?
Would he like Drake?
What kind of style would he be rocking?
What would his adult smile look like?
Where would he like to go eat?
Would he be be a Black engineer or a Black creative?

I think of my nephew’s at 22. Living away from home for the first time. Throwing the first dinner parties. What would he serve?

I know organizers are supposed…

I’m on a flight headed to D.C. for the #WomensMarch & feel compelled to say something for all the Black Women that have been screaming in the streets for the last 4 years & beyond. For all the Black Women movement builders who have been putting their lives & livelihood on the line for freedom, justice & equality.

And white Women brace yourselves. Save your #NotAllWW emails, tweets & comments for someone who isn’t me.

Here is the real truth: Seeing this sure to be historic turn out today for #WomenMarch is equal parts exciting & triggering.

Exciting because bringing…

Hillary, it’s been 2 weeks since the election & we have heard exactly nothing from you publicly. Listen, I get it, losing is hard. Losing TWICE is even harder. Losing to this buffoon is likely the worst and yet… since you asked all of us to vote you into the highest office in the land, I would assume you have the ability to push past your feelings & get to work. Right?

And are we are dealing with the following:

  • literal Nazis are preparing to take over our government,
  • a popular vote that continues to show a different election result,

The unfiltered truth about “how Black people are doing” right now aka when #GenerationalTrauma happens in real time.

Today I spoke via phone with a Black gay male friend . It was a short “catch up” call, mostly about work, partly just to check in with each other. He was driving in his car. Alone. In Tennessee. When he told me all of that my stomach dropped & my anxiety sky rocketed — instantly. I searched myself to figure out why and quickly realized I was genuinely worried he would be harmed before he got back home. Not in the “anything could happen to a Black man way.” …


Community Organizer/Activist/Entrepreneur/Movement Auntie

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