Achieve More By Doing Less


OG Sweetboii
Mar 10, 2014 · 2 min read

Have you heard of the principle called the 80/20 rule? In other words known as the Pareto principle. This concept was found by Vilfreto Pareto in 1906. Pareto discovered that 80% of people owned 20% of the wealth and resources.

This principle, also known as ‘the law of the vital few’ and the ‘principle of factor scarcity’, has since been expanded and found to be true in so many fields and areas of life. Since it was discovered, it has been endorsed by various experts who have complimentary concepts.

This rule is not literal in every case, but true in most cases. It is a philosophy that says that most results come from a small amount of activities, a remnant of people, and things.

Why is this important to realise? Well, with the great number of those who are familiar with this principle, still a few fail to apply it in their lives.

Do you believe in life being 50/50, that you only get out what you put in?

When we observe nature and the things that affect us every day we will see that. We will find that this Pareto Principle is true throughout everything; we receive 20% of our happiness from 80% of those in our lives.

We only wear 20% of the clothes we have in our wardrobe it is a philosophy that can be applied from our emotional lives to how we perform and the results we get, the law is prevalent and constant in everything.

The more successful you get the less things you should be doing. You should be more focused on doing the right things which means working smarter. Our activities should be narrowed down to the 20% of things to do daily that yield us 80% of the results.

The counter-intuitive, and profound truth here, is that we can sow seeds, invest, put in our time and resources into things and expect to get out what we put in.

How can we make this a mind-set in all we do?

1) Think, ‘am I getting the very most out of this?’

2) Are there things I am already doing that do not add much benefit to my activities and results?

3) What things am I currently doing that I can replace, to get better results?

4) Make a plan to systematise or make these new better performing activities a habit, replicable,or able to be repeated. How can you make a habit of new activities?

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