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3 Products That Dominate The Smart Home Revolution

A Few Of Our Favorite New Products And Why You Should Care

A smart home is basically a house that runs on an automated system, controlled from a central device. Let me just paint a picture of how much of a big deal this is.

Why should we care? Remember the types of phones we had before smart phones came and changed the game?

We went from just texting and calls, to browsing the internet, downloading files, instant messaging, and e-mails on our phones. Smart homes give a transition that is almost to the same effect, even though it is still an early industry.

Well, smart houses are a very similar leap from a usual home. Imagine a house where the appliances can talk to each other.

The CEO of blackberry, John Chen, got the idea for the phone’s messaging system when he saw that vending machines were refilled on time because messages were being sent to suppliers through a device in the machines when snacks were out.

He thought about the possibilities of this being done for machines, and from one mobile to another. He created a simple and game changing mobile messaging system.

How would things be if our fridge monitored the things we regularly put in our fridge, and sent messages to our phone about the milk running out?

Or, what about lights being able to be controlled from another room? The possibilities are endless.

There are obvious benefits like convenience and efficiency, but what products are really crushing it right now in this industry? Here are three that really stand out to us:

  1. Echo by Amazon

This product is like a physical version of Siri. In fact, it is Siri on steroids. It serves a wide range of needs and desires:

It is a voice recognition device/speaker that is connected to the cloud. You can speak into it and get anything from news, the weather forecast, and music.

As if that is not enough, you can store your alarm, lists, and get answers from Wikipedia! This device is wifi and Bluetooth compatible so you can stay connected while on the go. It gives an interesting glimpse into the future.

You know what that means? I can finally pretend that I am Nick Fury from the Avengers, speaking into a cool gadget, ready to obey my command.

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Also, here is a cool video review, on the product, by Mashable:

2. Luna

I immediately fell in love with this product, and I think anybody that has ever experienced having trouble sleeping comfortably at night will do also. Luna provide a mattress that makes your bed smarter. It communicates with your bed, warms it up, and tracks sleep, among other things.

The other thing I love about this product is how simple it is it to set up, and the fact that just like the Amazon Echo, it is flexible in the range of features and benefits you can get from it.

To sum it up, it makes your sleeping experience more pleasurable and convenient.

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3. Last but not least, the Lockitron Bolt.

Yes, it sounds like some sort of new Transformers vehicle, but this is not a product that requires you to speak to it. Lockitron Bolt allows you to lock and unlock your door from your phone.

It works on both IOS and Android devices, and can function on Bluetooth Low Energy, so it will work regardless of whether you run out of juice aka power or internet.

This is a great tool also because it has a feature called ‘key match’, which allows you to get a new Lockitron Bolt but keep your old house keys. This allows the landlords key to still work, if you rent.

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I can only imagine how much more we will be able to do, all from our mobile phones. Guys, we are living in some awesome times and there can only be plenty more disruption to come!

Business people should aim to be on the right side of history, and make the most of the next wave of disruptions, from online technology like new social media platforms to physical devices.

The question is what part will you play? And if you are just a consumer, are you conscious about how your consumption affects others, for good or bad, in a connected world? Enjoy with a sense of responsibility.


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