How to Identify a Capable CEO

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Leslie S. Pratch, PhD, MBA, is a clinical psychologist and the president and CEO of Pratch & Company, Inc., which she established in 1998. Prior to founding Pratch & Company, where she offers assessments of and coaching to business executives, Leslie S. Pratch conducted research on predicting leadership in conjunction with the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. She has written dozens of articles, including a piece on management strategies in private equity, which appeared in The European Financial Review in 2015.

“Management for when you least expect it” highlights Leslie Pratch’s expertise regarding the importance of finding a CEO who can handle both predictable and unexpected situations. While it is straightforward to review a candidate’s past reactions to expected circumstances, it’s more difficult to predict how he or she will react when unanticipated situations arise.

As she explains in the article, one of Ms. Pratch’s skills is the accurate identification of people she refers to as “active copers,” men and women who are capable of dealing with unforeseen events in ways that are appropriate on emotional, intellectual, and behavioral levels. Active copers cannot always be recognized by job history alone, and this identification is one way in which Ms. Pratch’s 2014 book Looks Good on Paper? Using In-Depth Personality Assessment to Predict Leadership Performance can be of great benefit to business stakeholders.