LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER?, by Leslie S. Pratch — Active Coping

A licensed clinical psychologist, Leslie S. Pratch serves as chief executive officer of Pratch & Company, where she evaluates senior executives for their potential to perform effectively in leadership roles. Leslie S. Pratch shares her experiences and insight in her book LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER? USING IN-DEPTH PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT TO PREDICT LEADERSHIP PERFORMANCE, published by Columbia Business School Publishing in 2014.

Part I of LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER?, called “The Theory and Practice of Active Coping,” discusses a key factor to success called “active coping.” Leslie Pratch describes active coping in the following way: “To many, the word ‘cope’ has connotations of barely scraping by. I use it quite differently, to refer to a sense of mastery, an orientation to life. All human beings encounter difficulties on a daily basis, both internal (to the self) and external. We have intricate internal landscapes filled with drives, values, dreams, and ideals. Some are compatible and some are in conflict. ‘Coping’ is how we reconcile and express these many parts of ourselves, endeavoring to bring into balance our internal needs and the external demands of our environment. Individuals can learn to master themselves and the circumstances that surround them, taking an active coping stance toward the world.”

LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER? goes on to discuss how this quality is central to accurate predictions of success or lack of success in executive roles. Part II includes insight on assessing one’s own active coping tendencies and ways to strengthen one’s active coping. To learn more about LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER?, visit www.pratchco.com/publications/looks-good-on-paper.

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