Are You Digging In the Wrong Place For Your Prospects?

2 Minute Sales Facts

Digging up treasure doesn’t happen by chance!

Effective prospecting via the phone requires a well targeted lead list. The definition of a well targeted lead list consists of certain criteria that describes a specific sub-group that has proven to be receptive to your product/service.

When cold calling you always want to start with the end in mind which is obtaining a new customer. Examine your current customer base, look at your top 10 to 20 customers. Analyze their characteristics, traits and features and use this information as your guideline to determine your criteria for your lead list.

Specific criteria can consist of the size of the company, location, sales volume or products/services. Also, look at the decision makers and the titles that typically made the decision to move forward with your service/product within your customer base.

If you are focusing on the same target market, you want to make a note to obtain the names of the contacts that hold these particular titles so that you are targeting the decision maker within your next batch of prospects that you are going after.

Digging in the right places always equates to treasure. Set your lead list up for success, so that you may dig in the right place.

Article by Leslie Wells, Owner of L. Wells & Associates, Inc. a new business development firm specializing in assisting small to medium size organizations with generating new business through sales coaching and training, marketing strategy and a variety of calling campaigns. For more information, please visit
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