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I went to Beauty School @ 5 years old.

Seriously, I really did. My Mom always wanted to be a HairStylist. Back in her day: Graduate High school & College, Office job, Marriage -kids. No one took her dream of working in the Hair Industry seriously- it wasn’t considered a career or even respected craft. Similarities in todays world- YEP (That isn’t this article). I digress, Back to me and beauty school at 5 yrs. old….. Mom was done with her career she didn’t love- looked at the husband- “I enrolled in Beauty School.”

I am sure there were many other conversations and not exactly that blunt… but remember- I’m a 5 year old remembering how it went!

So- Off to school my mom went. One week during the summer, baby sitters fell thru and I received an invite to go to School with my mom!!!!! She was #1 chair (This is how the service floor went- first chair…clients!!, Second chair… second pick for Clients!! Third Chair and so on….) meaning, more technical support from teachers and more hands-on experience. Students had requests…more requests more skilled you were. To be Clear- this wasn’t about Popularity this was Skill!

Do you hear the respect in my words? If not- Let me do it now- Old School way of teaching got you ready for Boards, yes… But- more than anything- IT PREPARED YOU FOR REAL SALON LIFE. All The Respect to our students and teachers of the past.

5 years old and I am in Beauty School hanging out in the break room- I learned how to play 5 card stud!!Yes, poker- I am still grateful to the ladies that helped my mad skills at card games- y’all rock!) Smoking in front of ( closed in cubical with no ventilation) a 5 year old was not frowned on. FINGER WAVES were hated then- as much as now -by all the new students. These ladies were LIFE. Fun. Happy. Ready for the world of Hair. Tease it up, Smooth it out (electric flat irons didn’t come to the market till 1998- seriously) with a brush/ blowdryer or rollers/ hooded driers. SKILL. ATTENTION TO DETAIL> NO SHORTCUTS ALLOWED.. why?

Product companies moved into the education field. Product companies now have schools that teach a certain product first, skill set based on how the product compares want the students to learn.

Did you know that statistics will show passing State Boards, first time out, way higher back in the days of me being 5 years old vs. now? Interesting thought? I think so.

So- How do you choose your salon or stylist?

1- Salon Appearance?

2- Stylist age?

3- Education required of staff in a salon?

4- Product used by stylist or salon?

5- Technical abilities and ability to know when or when not to perform services safely????

6- Price?

I was lucky- when I graduated high School and said I wanted to attend Cosmetology School- My decision was met with questions and complete acceptance. I chose the School I knew had a great reputation for education. It wasn’t about the products, it was about the learning. My mom will say I had a much better education than she did- she learned hands on as she went. I will say we both were lucky. Things changed by the time I was in school- because in my school we learned technical and proper business skills.

You know that friend that went to that salon who had a great experience? She LOVES everything about that salon. WHY? First guess would be skill set of the stylist chosen for her, at the salon who requires education to continue for active employment.

We all know that friend who went to that salon where that stylist did not achieve or could not achieve what was wanted. WHY? First guess was because the challenges were too great based on knowledge of when to say no…how to technically achieve.. or even- not asking the questions needed to understand what is wanted…


*Expect questions and answer as honestly as you are able. *

*Make sure what you want comes with the maintenance schedule you are comfortable with*

*Have a challenge? How does your salon/ stylist respond? Make sure you know the house rules before you play the game* (Check it- I used a poker analogy)

Are we perfect? No! Just yesterday- one of my long time guests came in for normal single process color… when done ALL the LOVE…..till later in the day- in the sun…the hair looked a little red.. Client calls, asks to come back- ‘so sorry for the inconvenience’- OUR response? COME- lets change it -of course there is NO charge… NO it isn’t a bother or a challenge… Was it me or the color that went wrong? I mean- who knows?


This is how I would choose a salon or stylist if I had to choose. I have never had to choose, I know. But I am a client too…Want me to tell you about the time my hair broke (melted) because of a challenge of someone filled in for my regular colorist? We can leave that story for another time.

I attended Beauty School at 5 years old and wouldn’t trade the experience for any cute show in this world.. or Lisa Vanderpumps closet (if you know me- you know that’s LOVE!)

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