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Actually, I’ve read numerous corrections in the NYT; they have a weekly section for it as I recall. The difference between “mainstream media”, which is frequently self-editing and retracting erroneous material, Faux News, Breitbart, et al, much like the orange D, never, ever, retract even the most flagrant falsehoods, even when there is live video proving the error. Why? Because, as He has learned, his dimwitted Base is deaf, dumb and blind to any and all contradictory evidence that might assail His Almighty Greatness. Incessantly finger-pointing at the “Fake News” is all it takes to re-energize his basest true believers. Pravda and Izvestia were at least state run propaganda mills; we here enjoy the freedom of seeing the Fifth Estate corrupted and eviscerated from within by purely self-serving billionaires.

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