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When MY appeared at CU in Boulder, there was fortunately less violent protest, perhaps due to several coincident events, including an appearance by LaVerne Cox. The Daily Camera reporting gave two-thirds of the front page to MY, despite his “almost full event in a lecture hall holding about 400,” while Cox’es sold-out 2,000 seat show got a quarter page below. Milo already seems like a wannabe whose at about 14.5 minutes of his fame allotment already, and his desperate grabs for media relevancy are failing. No doubt a mediocre but catchy book will surge a bit in the heartland, as they run behind the times, but unless he can somehow catch up to the Bannon Bandwagon that launched his notoriety, he is a goner, especially as he has self-ostracized from the only amalgam of outsiders who might have been his base, the LGBTQ community.

“Remarks are not literature,” Gertrude Stein said, purportedly in reference to the cosmopolitan wit Dorothy Parker. Tweets are not Presidential. Hate speech with a clever wink, wrapped in a fabulous outfit, is not political discourse. Milo thinks himself “dangerous” by appropriating the ‘gay’ label ahead of his critics, whereas this really makes him more of a white, gay Steppin Fetchit — parading for his White Nationalist audience, clueless about how little they think of him other than another tool of expediency.

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