You assume a lot of things.
Giovanni Jurado

Your criticisms seem more apropo re: bitcoin and its acolytes. The garb of smug superciliousness adopted by all those young, hip and mostly white men when espousing every sort of new technological hype is what pisses me off, as I have been around a few blocks for a long enough time to have developed a fairly sensitive B.S. meter. Digital currencies are essentially what we use online every day, but the difference is the legitimate ones have grown out of established financial tools that have been obligated to provide sound safeguards, backups, security layers. They maintain, or are supposed to maintain, solid relationships with other financial institutions, and yet even in this realm we have to deal with frequent, and deeper, hacks which compromise not just our financial accounts, but data that opens us all to even more risk including blackmail, extortion, or criminal impersonation and fabricated stories that can put us in prison.

Incidentally, I am a “person” and not a Russian bot generating controversial headlines. My examination of bitcoin is specific, and does not have a generic “I know you are but what am I?” mechanism designed to bludgeon opponents into silence. Anyone who wishes to provide refuting information to specific points about the insecurity and risks inherent to bitcoin use is welcome.

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