How to Support Ranfurly Homes for Children

Since 2006, Lester Turnquest has worked at the Green Bay Group, in Nassau, Bahamas, serving as its managing director. When he isn’t working at his Nassau, Bahamas-based company, Lester Turnquest supports local charitable organizations such as the Ranfurly Homes for Children.

The Ranfurly Homes for Children provide a safe space for vulnerable children groups, providing them with necessary services to meet their physical and emotional needs. There are many ways to support the organization on both the corporate and individual level.

Companies can partner with the mission of Ranfurly through sponsorship programs. They can either choose to donate a set amount and be listed as one of the organization’s sponsor partners or host their own fundraising event to support the organization. Additionally, companies can organize their workforces into volunteer groups, which are always needed, in order to support the mission.

Individuals can support Ranfurly in two ways. First, they can make a one-time donation to the organization either in person or online. Secondly, they can choose to donate $50 to Ranfurly on an annual basis in order to become a member. By enrolling in membership, individuals get certain benefits such as newsletters, mission updates, and early notification of volunteer opportunities.