You hear about those amazing 20-somethings that have achieved amazing career, and more importantly, financial and emotional freedom. You know those attractive young accomplished people who seem to have figure it all out? Mark Zuckenberg and the likes come to mind, yet, there are so many others.

I had a chance to pick the brain of the Editor-In-Chief of Foundr Magazine, Nathan Chan. He was able to build the business and life he loves by helping other aspiring entrepreneurs on their own paths by interviewing some of the brightest minds of our time. …

LinkedIn opened their publishing platform to every user of the network, which allows more people to share their knowledge and insight into the areas of their interest or career, building their influence. Besides, LinkedIn looks at the submitted content and features only great articles, so low quality articles usually do not appear to anyone but own network. So, how to get featured on LinkedIn Pulse?

What does this mean to you and how to build influence using LinkedIn Pulse? You can increase your exposure, grow network and audience and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. …

Instagram presented a new, cleaner layout. The platform got rid of borders around images and bubble-type effects. The number of rows was also reduced which means individual images became larger, taking up more screen space. Profile images became round and background images have gone away from the profile area.

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Overall, the transition improves visual experience and creates a more modern, professional look. Although the changes are more visible on desktop, it aligns it better with an app experience. Furthermore, the new embedded images look gives space for a crisper look that publishers and marketers will appreciate.

The move comes after last week’s announcement of introduction of a series of powerful marketing tools, including CTA buttons (“Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign up” are available at this point), interest and demographic targeting, and an API for large campaigns management. While Instagram advertising is not new in a large corporate world, these upgrades try to include a value proposition for smaller businesses, as well. …

My daily job responsibilities include managing more than 30 social media accounts. No, I’m not kidding you. I work for a local medium-sized business that has 7 automotive stores across the state. Each store, as well as a corporate “umbrella” location, has its own Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram accounts. With a help of little calculation, we arrive at 32 social accounts I manage daily.

This situation is not uncommon. A lot of times a single company encompasses several distinct product offerings. Usually companies can be sliced and diced based on:

Content marketing is a very powerful tool that makes your brand memorable and passion-provoking if done right.

You can hire a writer or outsource content marketing altogether and roll out new blog post every other day, but how do you ensure that the content your brand puts out is engaging and useful?

You might have the highest-quality content but if the topic or the angle doesn’t interest your customers, your efforts are useless.

Answer questions

This is the first and most effective way that your customers will find your content useful! Of course, you have an FAQ page in place, but what about all those questions you get in email and on social media? Is your product safe and hyper-allergenic? Where do you source your materials from? …

Modern advertising industry says “branding is everything.” Creating beautiful online presence might not be a challenge to large corporations and agencies. What about small businesses? Who will take care fo them and do they even stand a chance to compete in a heavily-saturated media world? I decided to ask the two co-founders of The Helm Creative Services, Kait Turch and Joseph Garcia. One thing that really defined them for me is this excerpt of our conversation: “We really want to help people in the community; we really believe in small businesses. One very special thing about Denver is that everyone in Denver is very local-oriented and we’d like to be a part of that. …

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Social media landscape is changing quite rapidly and continues to evolve. New platforms keep emerging and disappearing as fast as they appeared. Just recall the hype with Ello and Tsu. Not only those, there are lots of other even more obscure social media platforms. Not that they are bad or have no future but as a marketer or a business owner, how do you choose social media platforms for small business? Can’t you just choose one platform and really work on your presence there?

Here is the answer to the latter question: no, you cannot. You can’t choose one social media platform and be closed off in your little bubble. The reason being for it is not that it looks fancy to be present on every little platform. The reasons are these: 1. You have to be where your customers are. Chances are they are more than on one platform. Give them the choice of where to connect with you. 2. There is no perfect network. They all have their pros and cons. It’s generally recommended to start with 3–4 platforms at a time. Pick 3 platforms that make the most sense for your business and drive them home before starting your presence on any more platforms. …

Instagram is often considered to be a teen platform, something that businesses and advertisers should not take into consideration. However, lots of studies suggest that Instagram becomes the most popular and the most influential platform of them all. A close to an exponential growth of the network (and being owned by Facebook) makes Instagram a perfect social media handle for businesses.

Instagram is very visual. Probably, the most visual o them all because the bulk of the content comes through either pictures or videos. A majority of people are visual learners by nature, so it comes as no surprise that people indulge in Instagram. …

Who cares about quality content and why it matters in a long run? I asked Editor-In-Chief of Jute Magazine, Lynzi Judith. She shared her inspirational story of why quality content matters and how it pays off to set high standards for the everything you put out in the world.

Tell me how it all started and how you managed to earn pretty impressive following relatively fast.

I learned pretty fast that it is important to constantly post content and to space it out throughout the day. We’ve never done advertising. We started doing webitorial every single day, because of high volume of submissions from all over the world. …

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Twitter takes interactive conversation to a whole new level with an introduction of Curator, a tool that helps media publishers to search and curate content that can be displayed on just about any device including desktop, mobile and mobile TV.

“Surfacing great Twitter content in key moments is a powerful catalyst for engaging audiences and igniting conversations,” stated in Twitter blog post.

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Browse through thousands of high-quality tweets on trending topics

Also, according to the same post, those who have been given access to a pilot have seen an increase in reach and engagement, so the start is promising.

Curator creates a powerful way to identify viral trends early on and help media outlets to tell the story as it unfolds. All media publishers including news organizations, production companies, broadcasters, local governments, and even concert venues are now given a free access to the tool. To access it, you have to apply on Twitter’s website. …


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