How to Create Relevant Content People Love

Lesya Liu
Lesya Liu
Jun 3, 2015 · 3 min read

Answer questions

This is the first and most effective way that your customers will find your content useful! Of course, you have an FAQ page in place, but what about all those questions you get in email and on social media? Is your product safe and hyper-allergenic? Where do you source your materials from? Do these products go well together?


Similar to the first point, educate people on the importance of your business practices. How do you ensure that your product is environmentally-safe and why does it matter? How do you ensure that you source your materials in a fair trade way? Why should people switch from conventional to organic products? How is your product different from competitors?

Check related forums

Find forums and groups relevant to your business. Examine what people are curious about, what questions they have, what needs need to be addressed and are not.

What do people search for

There are quite a few tools out there that help you identify and analyze what people are searching for. Use the most frequent search terms to your advantage. Not only will this help your SEO and get you relevant traffic, it will also ensure that your blog posts are relevant and address the questions people are searching for. Imagine what a relief you blog will be to those actively seeking answers and tips.

Ask your customers directly

Once in a while, ask your followers on social media platforms what struggles they have or what they’d like to know more about. This is the best, most direct way to see what people expect from you. Create a poll with 5–10 possible answers that might be general topics or more specific questions and see what top 3 options are. Focus on those first.

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