Jute Magazine On Why Quality Content Matters

Lesya Liu
Lesya Liu
Apr 30, 2015 · 7 min read

Tell me how it all started and how you managed to earn pretty impressive following relatively fast.

Which networks are you most active on and which ones do you like the most?

How difficult is it for one person to manage all of the social media efforts?

What do you do differently on Instagram? Do you have any tips on how to grow your follower base on Instagram?

How many hashtags on average do you use now? Are they more general or very specific?

You’ve mentioned that you receive lots of submissions. I’m guessing the first couple of issues it wasn’t like that. How did you go about this challenge?

How did you go about promoting your brand new magazine so hard that by the third issue you had enough people willing to submit?

How do you keep the high level of submissions? Do you encourage it through social media? Do you still look for new photographers and reach out them? Or is it the other way where people are reaching out to you?

Why does quality content matters, especially in digital space?

What value do you see in such high level of commitment?

Where do you see Jute Magazine going next in terms of digital marketing strategy?

Lesya Liu

Written by

Lesya Liu

Digital marketing blogger writing about industry news, sound strategies, and actionable tips. #inspired http://thesocialmediacurrent.com

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