Nathan Chan on Millennial Entrepreneurship and Hustle

Lesya Liu
Lesya Liu
Dec 15, 2015 · 7 min read

Tell me your own success story. How did you go from being a regular guy in his mid-20s to being a founder and editor-in-chief of a 6-figure online magazine? How did the idea come about?

For a lot of people delving head first into the world of self-employment and entrepreneurship is exciting, yet scary decision to make. How did you decide it was time to give it your all?

While Foundr is obviously a success story, you’ve probably had your fair share of mistakes and failures. How do you define failure and how do you recover from it?

How were you able to grow Foundr’s audience so fast? What do you think were the best, most effective channels in building that kind of following? How did Foundr become the Instagram powerhouse?

Interviews with Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins and many other heroes have graced Foundr’s pages. How do you approach these people for an interview?

A lot of young entrepreneurs struggle with building authority. How do you create and show your credibility with a limited number of success stories and experiences history?

Why do you think storytelling became such an important part of business?

The business world is changing rapidly and often time millennials lead this revolution. How do you think this generation differs its predecessors?

What skills, abilities and mindsets does a young entrepreneur have to have in order to succeed?

Looking back, what advices would you give yourself in 2013, when Foundr just launched?

How do you turn your dreams into reality?

Lesya Liu

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Lesya Liu

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