The Helm Creative Services: Branding is Everything

Lesya Liu
Lesya Liu
May 29, 2015 · 5 min read

Tell me a little bit about your company?

Our business is called The Helm Creative Services. A lot of the people we know own small businesses and one thing we noticed is that small businesses lack the ability to really brand themselves, and with things like the Internet and social media branding is something really necessary right now. They just don’t know how to do it and they don’t really have the resources to create a wholesome online presence, like create a logo, promote themselves across the different platforms and use content for that. We didn’t start it to make a lot of money; there are lots of agencies and creative service companies that are all about the money and big contracts. We are all about the small businesses and non-profits.

How many success stories do you have so far?

Our official launch will be January 1 (we spoke in the beginning of December — The Social Media Current), so we haven’t done any advertising yet. We are networking right now and we already have a long client list.

What if people want to do more traditional advertising in print, do you help them with that as well?

Yes, we do have a package for that and we can help with print materials, like business cards, banners and brochures.

So you also help your clients with social media and content marketing?

Branding is huge but just having a great website and a great logo doesn’t really mean anything unless your content does. You can buy a logo from different websites for 5 dollars but what we do is we sit down with clients and talk to them about their business, branding and content strategy. We help them with visual setup for social media sites, direct them on what tone, voice and type of content to use for their brand communications. However, this does not necessarily mean they will know how to use all of that, so we also offer them freelance connection services. We have a list of approved blogging and video freelancers. We will work with company’s budget and find a freelancer for them, who will work through us.

How important do you think it is to have a comprehensive content strategy?

Our content strategy is overreaching all of the digital presence; we don’t only handle websites but we create a strategy across all channels. We really think that online presence is not only a website or a Facebook page, but all of those things together. We are making sure that our clients will have something for all their platforms. Your digital presence is no longer just you. People love working face to face with people but it’s no longer just that way. If someone googles you, your presence should be put together, otherwise it can be harmful to making sales. People need to see they can trust you. Through this consistency you gain credibility.

Since you’re working with small businesses and they usually don’t have the time, the money and other resources to be present on all platforms, do you recommend specific platforms that they have to put their efforts in to?

We make specific brand recommendations, but we definitely recommend LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook. Google Plus shows in the sidebar when someone googles your business and it’s also good for SEO. LinkedIn gives your business credibility.

How many platforms do you recommend businesses to start with?

First of all, not all platforms need to be updated all the time. It also depends on the upkeep of the chosen platforms, because that in itself can be a full-time job. We’d say no more than five.

Facebook’s organic reach for business posts is already very low and it’s rumored than it will soon be at 0. How do you explain your customers the need to pay to Facebook?

It’s definitely challenging for small businesses. To me, it’s similar to web posting, you have to pay to get it. If it’s low price like $5 once a week, it’s not so bad, it’s reasonable.

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