In my opinion, the right thing to do is to vote for the candidate that represents my views.
Hugh DeMann

Thanks for the information, Hugh. This hit piece is just another in the sponsored barrage coming from Hillary’s camp. She insulted Trump’s follower’s last week directly from her mouth. She’s insulting Stein follower’s today with her media friends.

Remember at the convention when paid Hillary seat fillers jammed up Bernie’s crowds? Remember the white noise machines they placed over protesters who had every right to be heard? Remember how her campaign PAID FOR INTERNET TROLLS?

Yeah, great choice there… Even without her vote to murder innocents in Iraq or her “suggestions” that we murder the Democratically elected leader of another Middle Eastern country, then leave it in a vacuum… even without the pay to play Clinton Foundation scam… Even without all of those things, we have the right to vote who we feel will be the best leader. We don’t have to be locked into a two party system. They only tell us that… It’s our job to decide for really reals.

Of course, we DO have all of those horrible things circling the Clinton name…, which makes it SO much easier to vote third party.

Sasha’s response should say it all anyway.

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