We do it, and then we do it again

Over and over, the same ritual:

Initiate. Act. React. Repeat.

To what end, what do we gain?

At what point in the cycle

Do we stop and think-

Is this right for me?-

Before once more, we recycle.

Can we eventually learn

To be at peace with oneself,

To follow our gut that surely speaks

And realise exactly what we earn?

Or are we doomed to repeat

Patterns that are way too old,

Systems that have broken down

Until we are all nearly beat?

Could we pause to contemplate

Or even stop and reflect

The actions we choose in life

And decisions that we make?

When there is an expectation,

It is difficult to measure the value

But by an individual’s internal markings,

Defined by their very reaction.

Initiate. Act. React. Repeat.

And so on until we are beat.