Why Isn’t Everyone Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World?
Gen Cruz

Because we are comfortable.

It’s easy to not risk anything. It’s safe to go to work and come home and repeat it forever, even if you hate it, it’s a comfortable devil — the alternative is scary; how will you make money and buy food? Where will you sleep? What will you do?

What if that idea doesn’t work out? How do you even begin?

People will laugh at your hubris. You’re uncomfortable with chagrin.

You’ll be uncomfortable in the streets, this supposed inevitability of leaving the safety of mundanity.

It’s scary to quit. It’s scary to be unsure. To make your own way, to be untethered. We are comfortable with what we have, no matter what level it is, because it’s familiar, because it’s here and tangible.

“You can travel for cheap” “but it’s probably stacked in a smelly bus 20 hours each way”

Why don’t people do things? Because learning and growing and doing and risking and moving is uncomfortable and occasionally dangerous. We’re sad, scared little animals and there’s a bit of cheese in this first corner of the maze, so let’s stay.

“Comfort is the enemy of achievement.”

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