Different Efficiencies

Ask anyone, I am an efficient person. Always looking for ways to maximize, organize, realize, conceptualize and fraternize with using less to do more.

But there’s many kinds of efficiency.

Imagine, if you will, a garden. You walk up from the street and on the other side there’s a cafe in a nice greenhouse. It’s muddy in the dirt from recent rains but there’s a cobblestone path that meanders back and forth from side to side as it eventually gets to the destination.

What is efficient?

Is it most efficient to walk straight ahead, through the wet earth, in a direct line of conquest towards the cafe?

Or is it efficient to take the dry stone path back and forth, never once stepping in the muck.

The answer, of course, is a definition of goals: are you trying to get there faster, or trying to get there with clean shoes?

So too must we ask these questions of our own goals in everything.

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