How to Drink More Water Without Trying

Super easy tips!

This could be you! (but it doesn’t have to be)

Okay, so basically no one is advocating you drink less water, right?

But it’s hard! You’re a busy person. You’re probably in an office and getting up from your desk is a distraction. I get it. That’s me too. Here’s some things I’ve experimented with over the years and the winners I still use.

1. Open Containers

I recognize there’s very little effort involved in unscrewing a water bottle.

Still, for whatever reason, this is data-backed proven, I drink more water having an open bottle on my desk vs a closed bottle.

Like anything, you have to make the path towards your goal as easy as possible for yourself, even in the inane ways.

Even better is an actual drinking glass or mug. I drink more out of a glass than a bottle because it seems like a more manageable amount? Because it’s lighter and quicker to pick up and sip? Not sure; still works.

2. Instant Refill

If your glass is ever, EVER empty you’re sure as heck not going to drink from it. Keep that thing refilled always, as soon as you’ve emptied it.

You’re trying to reduce the effort between ‘I’m thirsty’ and taking a drink especially where ‘eh, I’m busy’ is going to kick in almost immediately and getting up to refill the bottle / glass is a huge seeming effort in that short moment.

If you do it at the end of already drinking, then you’re good for next time.

Again, not sure why this works but I’m just reporting what happens to me.

3. The Waterbreak

Since no one is allowed smoking breaks anymore, and also since no one smokes anymore, water breaks are the next best office-allowable time to stretch and walk around thinking.

Since you’re using a glass and not a big bottle, you should safely get quite a few of these into the day anyway which is extra convenient.

Basically, not getting up is also killing you. That chair is death.

So get up, get water.

Need a breather? get water.

Thinking over a problem? get water.

Want to impress the cute receptionist? get water, but somehow work flexing into how you hold the glass under the cooler spout thing.

In Summation

Small, open glasses.

You’ll drink way more than if it was locked away in a bottle. I did. I still do.

This is true of any habit you want to start: make it convenient and you’ll do it.

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