Thoughts on Money

The video isn’t super important to this thesis, I suspect you already know what people will respond with. The usuals: “I’d travel” or “I’d learn an instrument / language / sport / hobby” or “I’d read more” or whatever.

I’m fascinated by this.

Because I think they’re all liars.

Watch the video again, and then ask those people in your head “are you currently doing or trying to do those things?”

Ask yourself the same two questions.

What if our connection between having more money and being a better person were so utterly ingrained in us that we literally see money as the thing standing in our way to learning a new language, or a sport or reading more.

What if we’re really just asking and answering “who would you like to be instead of who you are now?”

And my follow up is the same “are you currently or trying to be that person?”

This has been my own question for a while.

I’ve found myself in this utterly luxurious position of working alone on whatever I want and somehow continuing to earn money at it. As of the other week I’m now in my official second year of freelance life.

And it’s funny, I ask myself the exact same questions as I did when I had a 9–5 job that I wasn’t super into. Like the above people and money, I falsely assumed that the work situation was the sole demise of my happiness, the sole shackle on my ankle. “What would you do if you didn’t have to work?”

The truth is I’m free and I still have no more idea what to do with each day.

So it’s not the shackles. I have hours a day to freely read here in the sunshine and I still don’t. I buy books with great intentions and never get around to them, it’s the same old excuses as ever. I could learn languages, or an instrument or whatever. I have the internet — access to an unlimited firehose of the combined sum knowledge of all of humankind.

Oh whoops. There’s an hour spent on cat videos.

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