Design For Society

How many of us want to do good? For the people, for the society, for the world? For some people (myself included) the desire to good can be hard to juxtapose with the ability to create beautiful objects, whether they’re products, sculptures, or art installations. Many people dismiss the design and the art communities as non-essential. This is because in the bigger sense of the world most of us do not produce things on a daily basis that change the surviving essentials ( water, food, shelter) for the people of the world. For the amount of the designs which are not tied to the surviving essentials, there are double the amount that are tied to it. From the different water filtration systems for the under-privileged to the designing of various instruments for the heart (or other body parts for that matter). From the non-profit organizations to raise awareness that were initiated by various design entities to the lives they’ve helped. There are a lot of ways that passion and creativity can help those around us.

There is this festival called Uttarayan, where everyone in the city flies kites. Although beautiful to look at and to fly a kite, the threat is posed when the strings from the kites entangle themselves into telephone wires. When the passing motorbikes or scooters pass through the suspended strings, there is a great possibility of the driver being hurt if the string gets caught in his throat (people don’t wear helmets anyway!). Now to tackle this problem someone came with an idea, which was an upside down u-shaped metal wire on the steering of the two-wheeler which would prevent the contact of the strings with the driver. IT was such a small idea which was not only feasible but also affordable to everyone. This helped prevent a lot more injuries. This is exactly the kind of thing I’m taking about. Something that might seem so simple but has a extensive thought process. It would save many people from injuries which happens very frequently during Uttarayan.

One other example is that of these two extraordinary students. With just a specialized lens, an i-phone, and a lot of insight set out to help the under-privileged. In the south of India they went around rural areas to prescribe glasses to those with a weak eye sight. They would also provide the frames and the glass for cheap to them and they were all taken care of. Such a simple concept which could’ve been implemented very easily but the initiative was taken by these two students (these are the students our parents talk about to us).

These are just two example out of the infinite. Its ideas like this that change the world. Ideas with a lot of passion, creativity, and skill. Its these idea that help better the standard of living of the human race. Its ideas like these that will stand the test of time (that sounds way too dramatic but its true).