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Pushkar Singh, CEO, LetsTransport (StartUp) Image Credit: LetsTransport

Pushkar Singh is CEO of LetsTransport, a path-breaking StartUp in the logistics sector. “The logistics sector is more than just transportation. It not only helps e-commerce companies win more customers through reliable deliveries but has also become an important component of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” argues Singh. Here he described the role of logistics could play in strenghtening the overall economy.

What was the last thing you purchased? Where did you buy it from? If the names of global e-commerce biggies just ran through your mind, then you can understand how popular they have become.

In fact you’re one of the many reasons behind their popularity! This boom can be attributed to the growing ubiquity of mobile phones. Consumers can now browse, research and purchase products on the go. Furthermore, retail and FMCG companies have optimized on the omnipresent nature of social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube, and have started selling through them. Their browsing data enables companies to personalize…

Lets Transport

Disrupting last mile logistics through technology

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