A message to my fellow T1Ds….

Today I reach out to T1D community and the world around me to share the joy of connecting to 500+ families/individuals who are like me. This achievement of connecting us on my Facebook page (Type 1 Diabetes and me) is worth celebrating.

We are living our ‘new normal’ lives and learning new things everyday. While we are busy managing T1D in our own perfect ways it feels wonderful to be connected. Some days it can get quite lonely (and even frustrating) because of this life-long challenge of always playing the balancing act of maintaining our sugars within the range. During these struggles it is easy to share and learn of each others experiences.

So stay connected on your journey of life with Type 1. Because we are all part of the community who is stronger together. “Live Long and Prosper” and don’t forget — we are here…we are fighting….