“Be strong, take control, and be healthy!”

Do you want to help me in the fight against diabetes? Want to make everyday living a little easier for us living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)? Then spread the word of being strong and leading a healthy life-style. Like every year, month of November — the ‘Diabetes Awareness’ month, is here. So do at least one thing for someone who is fighting the battle everyday and make him/her feel special! A simple gesture of support, an expression of love, or a note ‘I’m there for you’ will brighten up their day and their lives for many more years to come. Let’s spread the message “Be strong, take control, and be healthy!”

For me being T1Diabetic, health is directly related to A1C level which in-turn relates to a healthy life-style. Being healthy equates to keeping good blood sugar control. It is achieved by regular monitoring of my blood glucose (BG) numbers. I would sum up my health using a simple equation that consists of four critical events:

1) Insulin intake,

2) Calorie/Carb intake,

3) Daily activities/Exercise, and

4) BG checks

Health = (Insulin dose + Calories/Carb counts + Daily activities + BG numbers)

The equation of health combines four major factors that ultimately lead to good management of T1D. Any change in one or other affects blood glucose level. But without knowing where the BG numbers are the body goes through continuous ‘high’ and ‘low’ BG levels affecting overall health. So adopting the most basic method of keeping a log/track of these four critical events is instrumental to successful management.

Keeping track can be as simple as keeping a diary or on the other hand using the most advanced technology available in each area. No matter what method we choose but tracking and monitoring is necessary for better results. I continuously monitor my health equation by using

a) Medtronic Pump to adjust my insulin intake

b) Fitbit wrist band and app to monitor my daily activities

c) Combination of Insulin pump and Fitbit app to evaluate calories and carb intake

d) One Touch BG meter & strips in combination with Dexcom CGM to track BG levels

I, with the help of all these devices, have taken control of my T1D management. I feel confident about myself taking risks or doing a “simple” thing like indulging in a dessert once in a while!

November is also a month of ‘giving’. So if you are someone managing diabetes daily then give yourself a promise of good health. If you know someone who is living with diabetes then give him/her words of encouragement. I have decided to shed those extra pounds and get my A1C number down to 5.8. Recently, I got myself a new CGM device to take better control of my BG numbers. The newer device also allows more visibility. I can involve my husband to keep a watch on me so I don’t slack. That’s good health promise to myself. And my husband’s gift to me is his effort of putting my CGM data on the cloud using NightScout. This makes me feel secured that someone is watching me.

Life can be frustrating when one faces challenges every step of the way. But if there is information, help, and guidance available at right time, the journey can be much easier. That’s why let’s spread the word that we, managing T1D, are not alone and make information available for those who need it.

So here I am spreading the word to “Be strong — take control — be healthy”!

November 14, 2016

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