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🛎 PING! What was that? Your phone buzzing to let you know that the price of your favourite asset has just dropped? Or that you’ve just hit a savings goal? Or that your #high-risk investments are now over 5% of your portfolio, and it’s time to rebalance?

That’s right! Lettuce now lets you set up sophisticated custom alerts for almost anything. You’ll get your alerts via push messages.

Here’s how:

Your most-requested feature for Lettuce is now live: you can now track your profits!

When adding a new account, just tell us what each asset cost you, and we’ll track the profit (or loss) you’ve made on it. If you’ve added money to an investment over time, just add up the value of all the money you’ve put in. Edit the cost of each asset in the account detail screen at any time.

We’d love your input about what you’d like us to build next, so please join the conversation in our community and weigh in on what we should focus on. We’re debating ideas like shared portfolios or linking your accounts. Let us know what you want most, and we’d love to build it for you.

Enjoy watching those profits stack up!

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It’s been a fun month in Lettuce-land, bunnies! On the 13th of July, we started our next sprint for the year, which we’re calling Rocket (after the type of lettuce, not the space-ship). The team has been hard at work building a feature that we think could be a true game-changer for how you manage your finances: routines.

Automate your money

We’ve always hoped that Lettuce will ultimately be the app that lets you put your investing on autopilot. Today, managing your money is a hassle. Most of the time, people have to keep their financial strategy straight in their minds, and have…

Lettuce started with a dream to upgrade money and make investing more inclusive and open. We imagined what would happen if you could build a wealth-generating machine that made money for you while you did other things, and unlocked financial freedom so that more people could experience life without the crushing stress of worrying about money. This is what drives us and defines our business.

Today Lettuce is a humble portfolio app with the ability to track assets from anywhere in your currency of choice. Tomorrow we want it to give you superpowers.

Why we started Lettuce
We’re passionate about financial…

New for Lettuce Subscribers: you can now create two (or more) portfolios, in different currencies, with their own accounts and tags.

We built this feature because you sent us messages like:

“Please add the ability to add multiple portfolios, for example to track my investments as well as my wife/children.”

“There are some assets I think about in different currencies. My accounts in Europe I think about them in Euros. Some ETH tokens I think about in USD.”

Multiple portfolio will help with both of these scenarios, as well as a bunch of other situations, like splitting up long-term and…

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Friends, it’s been a strange time. As the coronavirus has put most of the world under lockdown and global markets have taken a nosedive, we’ve all had to learn how to do everything a bit differently, and how to keep going when the world feels more full of uncertainty than ever before.

We’re in the extremely fortunate position where our business has been largely unaffected by the crisis, in direct terms. Lettuce has always been a fully distributed team, so our processes and tools are all already set up for the team to work from home (our team…

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It’s a wild time, everybody. Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19), people everywhere are suddenly having to figure out how to work from home, in amongst dealing with unprecedented amounts of stress and anxiety. We feel you, buddies. We’re all going through this together.

At Lettuce, we’ve always been a distributed team, so we thought we’d share our tips for how to quickly set up a comfortable space to work from home.

We’re a global business with team members everywhere from Toronto to Cambridge, but most of us are based in Cape Town, South Africa, so expect this advice…

By Sam Beckbessinger

New to investing, or trying to deepen your knowledge about your favourite investment class? Here’s our roundup of 31 of the most mentioned books about investing, and our reviews of them.

We’ve broken up our list into these subsections:

  • 10 books for beginner investors and fans of lazy investing
  • 6 books for value investors and stock pickers
  • 2 books for real estate investors
  • 6 books about the psychology of money
  • 5 personal finance primers for 20- and 30-somethings
  • 2 bonus books written by Lettuce’s cofounders

Is your favourite investment book missing from this list? Let us know!

10 books for beginner investors and fans of lazy investing

1. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing — John C. Bogle

How banking is about to have its net neutrality moment

By Simon Dingle

Banking networks today are reminiscent of telecommunications and the internet itself circa a very long time ago. Banks control how and with whom you transact, holding on to the scarcity of banking licenses and the limits they are entitled to impose upon their customers. This is all about to change. Unbundling in fintech is exploding, driven by the economics of open, scalable technologies, the disassembling of global regulatory barriers, and the opportunities for starkly increased value to the end-user via ubiquitous personal device ownership. …

It’s been five whirlwind months since we launched Lettuce, and so much has happened! We grew to a team of eight (EIGHT!) passionate humans. We added some of your most-requested features, like price history graphs. We rebuilt our entire codebase at least twice to make it stronger and more extensible. We learned a bunch of stuff about what our customers value in an investment app, and we’re excited to build more of the stuff that you want in the year ahead.

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about what kind of business we want to build. There’s one familiar narrative…

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Lettuce is an app that lets you keep track of your investments. Just add the assets you own, and we'll keep track of what they're worth right now.

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