10 Tips for Apparel Rental

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Letz Rent
Jun 4 · 4 min read
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India’s online fashion rental market amounted to USD 3–4 billion as of September 2019 and has been experiencing tremendous growth with an increase in popularity of already existent players and as well as many new startups entering the market.

Customers are drawn to rental apparel for numerous reasons. To start with, apparel rental is more cost-effective and hence useful for shoppers who want to stay up to date on trends while on a budget. In addition, it allows for flexibility in one’s wardrobe and many argue it is also eco-friendly.

Are you ready to mix it up and embrace the trend of apparel rental? If your answer to the above question is yes, but you are daunted by the idea of renting clothes online; look no further for we at LetzRent have prepared a directory of tips on apparel rental.

  1. Filter items by dates:

Not all clothing items may be available on a given date where you desire to rent clothes for. So, to optimize your search process and save on valuable time, prior to viewing clothing pieces online, use the search filters to limit your search to items that are available on the particular dates you wish to rent out items for.

2. Go through a well-known apparel rental company:

Quality matters and we at LetzRent are committed to ensuring you get the products of the highest standards. To ensure the apparel you lease out is of good quality, please do go through a reputed service provider such as Rent It Bae or Stage 3.

3. Check on the return policy:

Some companies have a policy wherein you must dry clean your rented products before returning them so that they are in the same condition as they were when they were delivered to you. It is best to be aware if such a policy does exist, and take the cost of dry cleaning into account, if applicable when deciding which company to rent from.

4. Go through an aggregator:

Aggregators connect consumers to service providers who are perfect for their unique needs. Go through an aggregator like LetzRent, since aggregators offer a wide choice of products, competitive pricing, and maximize convenience

5. Taking note of the refund policy:

It may seem obvious to not opt for renting a clothing item you do not desire. However, in the unlikely eventuality that you may change your mind about the clothing item you have ordered, some companies may issue a refund on return while others may not. It is thus important to be aware of the refund policy of the particular company you are renting apparel via.

6. Materials make all the difference!

While materials matter in the case of all products — rented online, it is particularly important to take note of what material your rented clothes would be made of; so as to ensure your maximum comfort!

7. Look up reviews:

There is a whole community built around the concept of clothing rental which you can tap into for opinions on particular items. Frequently, the websites themselves contain reviews of various items that are listed for leasing. At other times, you can visit websites like Quora for more general reviews of apparel rental service providers.

8. Utilize sizing charts:

Different brands may have different body dimensions corresponding to the labels ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’, or ‘Extra Large’. It is important to be aware of what dimensions correspond to these labels for the particular company you are choosing to rent vial, and accordingly, pick the right size of the items you wish to rent.

9. Be Aware of the Rental Duration:

Most service providers in this niche usually offer 2–3 options on how long you can rent your clothing items. So, please do check on what the default rental duration on your apparel’s rental is and whether or not this aligns with what you require.

10. Safety first:

We live in dangerous times when safety and health are of utmost importance. So, we would recommend asking questions about how the company ensures its clothing products are decontaminated and sanitized, so as to ensure that you are not putting yourself at any risk at all.

We really hope that this collection of tips enhances your apparel rental experience and provides you with the best possible experience. Are you still confused about how to get started on renting apparel items? Do leave a comment below and we’d be happy to help you out!

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