Blockchain UA 2017, Kiev

Excellent performance of LevelNet on BlockchainUA 2017

The World’s First Cyber Security Platform

Irvine, CA: Today LevelNet Inc, presented its product at the exhibition BlockchainUA 2017, which was held in Kiev, Ukraine. LevelNet presented to the wide public information about crowdfunding through ICO for the further development of a cyber-security platform that integrates all users of antivirus products into a single global network. The exhibition was attended by more than 1,000 people; many of them visited the LevelNet booth and appreciated our solution.

Alexander Bodiagin CTO at LevelNet announced: “Today, there was a great interest to our company LevelNet at the exhibition. Visitors were interested in our solution LevelNet and accepted it with delight, as a revolutionary approach to protection against virus and hacker attacks. I met with the leaders of the information security industry, and we discussed the great possibilities of our solution LevelNet. The genuine interest of all visitors without exception was caused by LevelNet ICO, which starts on November 1st. I received product approval and preliminary agreements on the purchase of tokens LVL.”

About LevelNet Inc.: LevelNet Inc. is a cyber-security company based in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2016. LevelNet provides new opportunities for effective cyber-protection as well as new business ideas.

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