Why will a LevelNet token grow?

We received a good question from a neighboring forum.

Very good question. 
Token in our industry can be attributed to the speculative. We have 5 phases, when speculative interest can increase the value of the token. The following describes the phases and some metrics that affect the cost of the token.

1. Phase # 1 — Issue of tokens and launch of ICO.
• Smart contracts allowing you to significantly enrich with some probability after the ICO.

2. Phase # 2- Achieving stages in the product development process.
• Design, Fentional parts (server, p2p protocol, etc)
• Issue API for business users
• API release for dynamic White List.

3. Phase # 3 — Product launch.
• Growth of users.
• The number of detected and blocked threats.
• Growth of business users.
• Increment of third-party developers to fill dynamic White List

4. Phase # 4 — When issuing crypto shares agreed to the SEC through the platform https://tzero.com/ or analog.
• When issuing the crypto shares through the https://tzero.com/ or analogue platform agreed at the SEC, granting a redemption option with a 50% discount from the nominal price of a crypto Securities with the possession of more than 1,500 tokens. (Attention this issue is scheduled not earlier than 1.5 years after the ICO)

5. Phase # 5- Operate the API by business users.
• For business users, the price for using the API is considerable and can reach anywhere from $ 30,000 to $ 100,000 per year. Similar prices are now installed in the market for anti-virus scanning aggrovers and other companies dealing with anti-virus protection. Having tokens they can be sold to business users at a significant price.

Through metrics passing through all phases.
• Expert reactions.
• Conclusion of contracts with large business users
• News related to the detection and analysis of malicious activity on the Internet.
• Integration of the SDK into various security products.

As a result: The task of LevelNet is not to generate a quick profit, but to create a value that will significantly improve antivirus protection. The main value of LevelNet is the blocking of threats and the speed of response to emerging threats, which no product can give today. The second value is penetration, the more penetration into the greater the market share of the industry. By that, generating a resource that can not be replaced in the future.

If I have not persuaded you to let me know, I will describe each phase in more detail.

More detail: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1967592.0

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