Can’t Make it to CES? Here’s How to Be There, Without Being There.

CES sets the tone and trends for the year in consumer technology and marketing/advertising. Most people in tech know this as the biggest event of the year. And if you can’t be there (like me), you probably feel like you’re missing out on all the latest and greatest gadgets and tech secrets, not to mention the chance to hang out inside some really cool cars. But thanks to our obsession with tech news and being socially savvy, we have a few tips for staying in the loop without actually being there.


Everyone is talking about the death of twitter this week, but don’t give up just yet. Twitter is still the best place to find live updates on what’s happening.

Follow @CES for official coverage, and watch the official hashtag #CES2017. They even put together a handy twitter guide, with tips and tricks for staying in the loop.

These are a few of the people we think you should follow and converse with. They don’t need to know you’re not there. *We’ll update the list as we see who’s arrived, and who’s actually tweeting.

Dan Connolly is our CEO. Follow him.

Mike Murphy is the tech reporter for qz, and he’s sharing the behind-the-scene photos and real commentary about the fact that we don’t really need a smart hairbrush. Follow him.

Lance Ulanoff, Chief Correspondent and Editor-at-Large of Mashable is there too. Follow him.

Mashable Tech is live tweeting the day’s events. Follow them.

Live Blogs

WIRED is refreshing their blog every 15 seconds. It’s conversational, it’s live, the photos are funny, and it provides multiple perspectives into what’s happening. Follow them.

Recode is also live-blogging. We’ve followed them in the past for the more entertaining play-by-play of press conferences and events, and their reporters are hilarious. Laughter will help with your FOMO. Follow them.

Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories

We’re waiting to see who has the best stories, but Mashable has promised to post often on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

And apparently, Shaq (yes, that Shaq) is snapping with his Spectacles from the show floor. Find him on twitter and Snapchat: ShaqAttackSnap

Live Streams

The Verge looks like it’s the official live-streamer via twitter. Check in occasionally and see what’s happening. Follow here.

The CES site is streaming major events. Definitely watch the SuperSessions and the Innovation Policy Summit (Thursday and Friday).

And in our attempt to make those of us who aren’t there feel a bit better, we want you to know that it’s not all Vegas sunshine and robot-delivered cocktails at the pool. CES is intense. Our CEO is there for his 10th year, and recently shared Ian Schafer’s advice on how to prepare for being there in person. It includes things as basic as hydrating and comfortable shoes (which apparently people forget to do). So find the silver lining of not being in the grind, and chat with the best of them from the comfort of your home/work/favorite coffee shop.

Do you have other tips to add? Give us a shout below and we’ll include them as we update this list.

Rheanna Martinez is the Communications Lead at Level Studios, a purpose-driven digital design firm. She’s not at CES, but she’s actively following the events on twitter.