Five Ways Your Hobbies Are Making You Better At Life

Many of the things that are going to make you most successful, come in the moments you’re not thinking about work.

Doing something that you’re passionate about outside of work inspires your thinking, challenges you in new ways, and brings new perspectives to how you see the world. We wanted to learn more about this from our team — so we sat down to interview and film a few of our people talking about how their hobbies translate to the ways they explore new technology, obsess over design, and master execution.

Hobbies allow you to retreat and recharge.

No matter the industry or discipline — if you don’t have ‘things’ that you enjoy doing outside of the office, your mental state and your work will feel less energized and less inspired. Hobbies allow you to get away from the daily grind. They allow you to challenge yourself in new ways, so that you can return to your work refreshed and recharged with new perspectives and new solutions. Without that, creativity suffers.

Our Executive Creative Director, Tony, finds retreat and new ways of thinking through music. He shared, “When we build mood boards and sites, I tend to think about how you navigate through that experience in the same sort of rhythm."

Hobbies exercise discipline.

Discipline is a driving force of the creative process, whether you’re a designer or developer. It exercises the mentality needed to deconstruct and rebuild, review, and then rebuild again.

We sat down with Karen, one of our UI Developers, who showed off her passion for hand lettering, and explained how she found similarities to coding. “Sometimes it takes me an hour just to write a small paragraph,” she explained.

From the initial scope of a project to the final product, hobbies exercise the personal discipline to follow through and accomplish — even, if simply for the personal fulfillment of it.

Hobbies plant the seed of curiosity.

Innovation is a direct result of curiosity. Through constant trial and error, the best results often come from the boldest ideas.

Our Design Director, Natalie, walked us through her process for kombucha fermentation. Brewing kombucha involves exploration of different temperatures, batch sizes, light exposure, and flavors. Much like design, it’s a result of experimentation and curiosity — but with new elements and materials.

Hobbies prove that you can do it.

Creativity is strengthened by having the confidence to try something new. Even better if it’s never been done before.

Our Associate Technology Director, Ben, shared with us how his passion for writing poetry translates to coding. He said, “Both of these things are really about if you have the knowledge and drive to succeed, then you can do it.”

Much like coding, many hobbies take personal dedication — there’s no one but yourself for accountability and follow-through in the smallest of details. If you believe in yourself and work hard, you can create.

Hobbies are about the constant evolution of things.

Creativity knows no walls, no rules, no single answer or solution, and certainly no stopping. The beauty of true creativity, is that it’s a constant evolution of ideas.

We joined Brandon, one of our Marketing Leads after work — to talk to him about what he calls “wrenching” on his truck and off-roading. He described his passion for time in the shop as a relentless desire to build and improve. His hobby enables him to constantly review and question what he can modify to do differently, and better.

In all of these conversations, one thing was clear — dedicating yourself to something outside of work, clears your mind to expand your thinking. Our advice? Find what you’re passionate about; explore it, create it, build it, and do it. Because success and creativity are found in the experiences of living and doing what you enjoy.

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