Levern Darrell Scippio
Feb 21 · 5 min read

In a world where social media attention is king, Facebook is not the platform for businesses to garner any. Companies of all sizes are looking to build interest in their products and services. Using Facebook, the largest social media audience on the planet seems like the most logical choice to start but there are reasons you may not want to waste your time. Whether you are familiar with social media marketing or not, I will give insight on using Facebook to build your online audience and what needs to change. Here is the Good, Bad and proposed Future for the social media giant that uses to be king.

First, the obvious Good with Facebook is its audience size. The ability to reach up to 2.32 billion monthly active users worldwide is a great opportunity for any business. With access to an audience of this size, you should be able to find people who would be interested in your product or service. Facebook gives you a few ways to target them. Typically, social media managers will create a page or group in order to gain followers and visitors. They will create or curate content to post in hopes of attracting followers. Follows are acquired organically or through paid advertisement. Once followers have joined your page or group, Facebook provides numerous ways for you to keep your followers engaged. If followers or visitors like the content you’ve posted they can Like, Comment or Share your post. This will allow you to gauge the impact of your content and possibly generate leads for your products or services. By providing a link to your website, you can potentially turn those leads into consumers. The platform has a very point A to B structure. It created a sales funnel but you have to push the customer through.

“The Bad” with Facebook is the difficulty of getting attention to your pages or groups. It’s wonderful to have a huge potential audience to attract but if the only way is through paid advertisement or the possibility current followers may share them, how wonderful is that? Look, I understand Facebook’s needs to earn an income like any other company. They can at least make the pages and groups easier to find. Recently they added a tab for groups but you still have to search for your interest then scroll through a list of thumbnails and random group names. Finding pages is even worse. From the home page, you need to find Pages under Explore. Once selected, you see “Your Pages.” From there you will be able to select “Top Suggestions” or use the search bar to find your interest. The list is a collection of pages your friends follow. Facebook’s format connects us to our friends. It assumes if our friends like something then we should like the same thing. The problem, if most of you are like me, most of the friends you have on Facebook are co-workers and acquaintances. You barely know them, much less have the same interest. Now you are banking on these “friends” to share your page and support your business. In many cases, it won’t happen. So, we are left to advertise. We pay to spread the word about our page or group. We hope someone sees our post and follows us because we are at the mercy of the algorithm.

I propose a new future for Facebook. One that will allow it to become the juggernaut it once was by satisfying the business community. They can recreate the social media landscape by paving the way forward. They already have a part of the puzzle in place, all they need to do is change their algorithm to take advantage. Are you ready? Mood. Twitter and Pinterest already have the “interest” thing in place. Mood will allow Facebook users to have post, groups, and pages that represent those moods to shown on the users feed. Facebook should be about what expressions your face make any time you are looking at it. Are you sad and want to cheer up? Facebook can help you with that. Are you interested in knowing want is going on in the world? Facebook can help you with that. Are you looking for a product or service that you need? Facebook can help you with that. You tell Facebook how you are feeling right now and Facebook will create a feed to support or modify your mood. You choose your mood. You make it happen. The choice is yours. Also, change it from “newsfeed” to “The News.” News is defined as “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.” There’s no reason to tell us that you’re feeding it to us. Change everything in the “newsfeed” from “peer to peer” to “mood to peer.” Present posts from profiles, pages, and groups all in one place, “The News.” Allow us to see the name, picture, location and current mood of a profile, also the name and mood of the page or group. Profiles can have dynamic moods while pages and groups are static. As for them earning an income by allowing advertisement, focused on businesses connecting with people outside their mood. Businesses will have the opportunity to focus their resources on people they really can have an effect on instead of being unsure of who to target.

Either way, Facebook has some challenges that it needs to move past. Whether they use my ideas or come up with some of their own there is obviously a need for change. Because if other business owners feel like me, Facebook may need to figure out how it going to pay the bills. I refuse to pay for advertising that doesn’t deliver.

Levern Darrell Scippio

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Sharing ideas & opinions with the hope of benefiting our future. CEO | HughMannDevelopment.com

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