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Levern Darrell Scippio
Feb 4 · 4 min read

I was born January 25th, in Jamaica, Queens New York. If you believe in astrology, that would make me an Aquarius. The night I was born it was 40 degrees was recorded in Central Park. Although the meteorologist forecast snow, not a flake fell from the sky. I weighed in a modest 5 pounds 7 ounces which noted the end of my potential football career. I guess the universe had other plans for my life.

Jumping forward to my school years. I had a list of teachers, who as an aggregated group could have been conceivably classified as bipolar because of their assessment for my strengths and talents. Some of them thought I was a genius, while others lack to see the appreciation for whatever abilities I have. I enjoyed reading and writing, math not so much. Art was also a major focus is since I wanted to be a fashion designer. I even took a home economics course in my sophomore year. That didn’t go over so well with the guys. All the long, I kept hearing the negative voices of that group of teachers in the back of my mind. Which caused me to close myself off. I became content at looking out of the classroom window. Observing the many shapes the clouds made as they grazed pass the light blue sky.

After high school, with no aspirations for higher education. I sat in my room and read all types of books I was never encouraged to read throughout my organized school career. I would work and frequent the local book store. Buying and reading books non-stop. Day after day, night after night until I finally cracked.

At the age of 22, I was admitted for involuntary psychiatric evaluation and they told me I may suffer from depression. I don’t say this in search of pity or empathy. I say this because it was the second of a magnificent journey. I guess something in the books awakened me as if I took the red pill.

I decided to start my journey of personal development. Instead of shaping my mind around what the world thought of me I focus on what I thought of myself. Training my mind to have nothing but purely positive and optimistic thoughts. Guiding myself down a balanced and logical path. I learned to observe, analyze and strategize in a wholly different way. I was building a new me but I still didn’t feel like it was time to celebrate.

My triumph came in the form of empathy and self-expression. Talking to people and asking questions about the life they live helped me to better understand myself. It allowed me to not focus on me but to instead understand what it means to live life as they do.

Constructive hobbies have also helped moved towards self-actualization. Writing out my thoughts and expressing myself through words trained me to present myself with confidence efficiently and effectively. Photography helped me cultivate an eye for beauty inside of chaos. Research nourished the desire to learn more about the world at large to connect the dots.

This transcended from my personal life into the development of a career. Being employed in sales and customer service positions gave me opportunities to use strategies I’ve learned through personal development. Which help me live a happier, more fulfilling life. Showcasing these strategies led me to the opportunity to train, coach and develop others to connect with their audiences. This is when the bug bit me.

Looking to the future, I have an eagerness to connect with a much larger audience in a fundamentally different way. My experiences in sales, customer service, and coaching have helped me develop a keen eye for marketing and advertising. The hobbies I have acquired support the content development process and comprehensive research analysis needed to create and manage successful campaigns.

I believe that there are others out there like me. Those that feel rejected by society. Forgotten and looked over, not knowing if they have a place in this world. Wanting to change their lives but are unsure where to start. I want to help as many as I can. To show them that the world is not the place to look for approval, the acceptance is internal. I plan to bridge the divide between the individual and self-actualization by approaching the concept of capabilities to improve communal opportunities and well-being. Because I know, once we become comfortable with ourselves we will create a better society. And in a better society, we can not only accept ourselves for who we are but teach others that it’s OK as well.

If you have ever felt the way I have, I understand. If you know someone that has felt the way you do tell them, I understand. I will continue to learn, grow and share my experiences in personal development. I hope you will join the journey.

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