What about webflow?
Vladimir Potapov

If your question is how Webflow compares to other tools or the workflow shared in the article by Adam Amran then here is my two cents;

As much as Webflow is a designer-friendly and very powerful tool, it is not a design tool. You cannot create original vector elements or do simple masks or basic bitmap manipulation, which means you have to to prepare your prototype/mockup elsewere, export the assets and then put it all together in Webflow. This makes it less ideal for fast prototyping as the complexity of the tool will most likely slow you down — unless of course you‘re an advanced user. It is also primarily a web design tool with no native version as of now.

In my opinion, Webflow is for the designer who wants to work independent of developers and ship a final HTML product to client. This however requires said designer to have basic coding skills especially in CSS.

Perhaps a more worthy discussion would be on Sketch + Invision + Webflow (or any other combination) vs other workflows, and also Webflow vs Framer as the two have very advanced and sweet interactions.

My current and ideal workflow is Sketch + Invision but I am now going to add Framer into my toolbox thanks to this article.