Hello and welcome!

This blog, if you can even call it that (I won’t be offended if you don’t). Is going to serve as kind of an open diary, as I try to somewhat figure out how to pretend like I kind of have my shit together. Ever since I took a screenwriting class a few years ago during my first attempt at college, I have been thinking “maybe I should try and give it a shot”. I then immediately dismissed the idea as complete nonsense and have spent the last few years trying to figure out what my “real job” is going to be. I have arrived at absolutely nothing… So now I’m here, am I to late? Of course I am, but it’s better to go for something and fail miserably then just sit around and wonder. So here we go, some of the things I will be talking about are sports, tv shows, movies, and stand up comedy pretty much anything that peaks my interest. Oh and one more thing expect an egregious amount of grammatical errors. I am going to try and use fancy words like egregious to mask my true stupidity, but it will only get better with time. Stay tuned!

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