Wiz vs Celtics game 1 Look Back

Much of my sports watching these days is done alone and after the fact, if you think that is sad in any kind of way then quit being a pussy. I was house sitting for my parents and scrolling through the 16 NBA Basketball games they recorded for me and landed on the one you see in the title.

One thing stood out to me during this game above all else, and that’s Isiah fucking Thomas. I first came across him when he was traded to my hometown team the Phoenix Suns from the Kings and it became clear from the beginning the Suns would find some way to lose him. He stands at about 5'9 but plays like he’s 6'3. Thomas was great with the Suns but was eventually traded due to a surplus of point guards which landed him in Boston were he quickly became a star. This year he was an MVP candidate as the point guard for the number 1 ranked team in the east. Shortly before the playoffs his sister died in a tragic car accident and Thomas continued to play in every game he could. Flying cross country between Boston and Seattle.

He not only played, he completely dominated. Washington jumped out to an insane 16–0 lead within the first 5 minutes and it looked like it was going to get out of hand FAST but Thomas wasn’t phased at all, he didn’t even blink. I honestly don’t even think he was looking at the scoreboard he was in a zone only a few humans on this earth can reach. Once he hit his first free throws and got Boston on the board he fucking lost his mind. He hit 3 straight 3's and the celtics were off and running, and didn’t look back at around 8:10 mark of the 2nd quarter Boston was up by 5.

Washington didn’t lay down though it was a very closely contested game that came down to short offensive spurts from both teams. If you looked away from the t.v for 2 seconds 8 points could’ve been scored, which fits right into Thomas style. Isiah Thomas finished the game with 33 points 9 assist and 1 block and lead his team to a 111–123 victory. Players looking adversity in the face and dominating like that are the reason why I will always love sports. It was fucking artistic what Isiah Thomas did on the court that day.

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