How to enjoy praying and make prayer affective.

I do not consider my self as an expect on religion, but I decided to share a little good faith habit that helps me with prayer. I feel there is a need for this information to be shared not because people do not pray anymore but rather when it comes before prayer they lack the words to say, here’s an example. I was at one of my YMCA and we were having a program going on then the time came for prayer and the facilitators requested that one of the members to pray and it was not the kinda prayer we were expecting to hear. In fact the prayer it self was not bad its just that it was going in rotations and I felt like it was those prayers that was heading to never ending-land.

The problem

seeing that it happened in my association I was thinking maybe what if it actually happened in other church association too, prayer can be a challenger let alone praying in among others some find it difficult. There are steps to overcome that fear or struggle, not knowing how to pray is nothing to be ashamed of because for the Christians we see how the disciples asked Jesus how to pray. Therefore prayer can be thought.

The prayer

now take note I can’t teach you what to say in your prayer, because we know that prayer is mutual conversation with the most high. But I can show you steps to lead you into pray and ending a prayer without going around circles.

As Christians we believe a good prayer should always start with worshiping God giving him the glory. Example given to us in the lords prayer “our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name”. Now for here you get the idea and you give the praise the way it best fits you and your view on the almighty.

Second part of your prayer should be lead by asking for forgiveness towards God and of course if you doing your own personal prayer then you’ll have to words to say for your part. As for a group prayer you gonna ask on behalf of the entire congregation gathered. Remember the personal prayer you would mention your flaws but a group prayer you not suppose to mention peoples names and speak of their flaws just because you a witness, that’s not your part anymore. Its gonna be awkward. “And forgive us our debts”.

the third part of prayer should be about asking for Guidance’s. Remember asking for Guidance’s is not meant by making promises. Avoid making promises while asking for Guidance’s people end up doing this sometimes because making promises prolongs the prayer which is not wise, according to God we not good with promises. Its best that asking for Guidance’s be for a good courses.

The forth part is that part where you get to speak about your needs, demanding for blessings asking God for your needs and wants. Remember do not make promises hoping that God bless you any sooner. Example you ask God for a car then you promise that you’ll will support the church with transportation, you suddenly get the car but you not doing what you promised now see how that will end. Also its best that you do a lot of reading on the bible so that you know your rights as a consumer, because from here you can quote God’s own words example : “you said we shall be the head and not the tail”- demanding success “you said ask and it shall be given, knock it shall be open, seek and you’ll find”- demanding for material needs etc.

the last part of the prayer is what I would actually call the easy part and no one can get wrong on this unless their bad at showing some appreciation. This is where you get to end off the praying by giving thanks to God for the opportunity he as given you to be in his presences. Remember when in life we show gratitude for what we have and what we are some tend to end a prayer by saying Amen but speaking the part to be grateful. When doing so keep in mind that you do not lead back to saying a lot of things again otherwise know as starting a conversation expecting answers. Of courses you praying to God you will get answered but you should ask questions in your ending off prayer. You just ending off that its. And yes AMEN.

All this steps can work for any prayer just keeping in mind that when you praying in a group consider your prayer is for everyone not just yourself, but alone prayers its all about you.