The most racist among us… Is free speech really a right worth protecting anymore?

Some day I can’t bear the thought of getting out of bed because I know how much virulent racism and bigotry there is out there. Every day it slaps me in the face with the weight of a brick and the cut of a scimitar. On the subway. In the news (be it online, print, television or “other”), on the sidewalk at the beauty salon. Everywhere I go racism, bigotry and hate follow me like one of those dark rain clouds following a cartoon character wherever they go.

“Other” is certainly the category I would put the “publisher”, Taki’s Magazine (serious, trigger warning for anyone considering clicking this link), of the latest vitriolic racist screed (I guess I don’t need to put a trigger warning here too but I will for propriety’s sake) I read that tries to marginalize one of the most important civil rights movements in human history. (If you are not a racist you know that I am referring to #BlackLivesMatter and other legitimate offshoots of it such as #TransLivesMatter.) After all, how can we consider a online repository that is almost exclusively dedicated to the promotion of hatred and false stereotypes of black and brown people as a legitimate publication of any kind? The only thing I’ve seen in my entire life that is more racist than Taki’s Magazine are the comments you can find there (I will not even link to the comment section).

I will not bother to bore, shock and trigger you further with too many details from this anti-anything-but-white diatribe but suffice it to stay it’s another one of those “black people commit most of the crime and what they don’t commit is probably committed by Latinos” articles, littered with dubious “FBI crime statistics” with no regard for the blatant institutional racism which produces these phony “statistics.” Not once does the author, one Mr. James Goad (a well known racist in some circles), bother to consider that fact that even if these so called “statistics” bore any resemblance to reality, it would be still be wholly inappropriate to even speak of such things let alone to blame the perpetrators of these crimes because as all of us in the progressive world know, the real victims are people of color who have been forced into a life of crime via the chains of white oppression.

It sickens me that people are still allowed to openly publish such an obviously false narrative and leads me to wonder if the #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t in dire need of the same type of protective laws that protect Jews from rampant antisemitism in Europe (see: France)? Those that are allowed to self-publish on the internet without any regard for what they write are some of the worst, most hateful, racist bigots left on planet Earth. To make matters worse, blacks and browns are far less able to defend themselves on the online battlefield due to the far lower literacy rates that have been foisted upon them by white oppression.

I ask you, the denizens of Medium and the internet at large, isn’t it time to make these racists pay for their crimes against humanity? I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I’m calling for a new movement, #JailTimeForHate! It’s time to seek real action, and not just empty words, against our oppressors. No longer can we allow the abuse of our airwaves and telecommunications networks as tools of further oppression against us. What are my credentials to call for such extreme amendments to our legal system? I am a half black, bi-racial, transgendered, queer woman, can you show me someone that knows more about oppression, racism and bigotry? I open my arms and welcome all peoples of color to join me in the fight for justice. Let’s continue to unite under #BlackLivesMatter but let’s add some real teeth to our calls for justice with #JailTimeForHate!