Trump is the final straw

Is it time to institute quotas in government?

I am going to make this one short and sweet. This is intended to be a springboard for thoughtful discussion and commentary, rather than a long-winded article that rehashes things we all already know.

As I watch the slow motion, racist, bigoted, hateful train wreck that is the Trump “Presidential Campaign,” I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t time to start pushing for race based quotas in government starting with the highest office in our country all the way down to small town mayors. The rest of us have been under the oppressive thumb of wealthy, white, straight, cis-male patriarchs just like Donald Trump since the day the United States of America was founded. Why should they be allowed to continue to rule us without a fight?

What I would propose is that the racial breakdown of Congress and the Senate should mirror the population at large. However, in order to adjust for the last 240 years of oppression, minorities should be granted twice the number of seats in Congress and the Senate as would otherwise be suggested by their proportion of the US population. This double quota should remain in place until each minority group has achieved an equal number of person-years in Congress and the Senate as all the white cis-male patriarchs before them.

As for the Presidency I would propose a ban on white cis-male candidates until members of other groups have been able to serve office for at least 232 more years.

Forget about the Oscars, let’s focus on something important!

What are your thoughts? How else can we make amends and appropriate restitution to the legions of oppressed classes upon the backs of which the few have built their fortunes?

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