CJAMM Assists Inmates and Families through Redemption Church

Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM)

An experienced businessman and entrepreneur, Lew McGinnis has worked in real estate investment for more than five decades. Having partnered with numerous charitable organizations over the years, Lew McGinnis serves as the finance chairman of Oklahoma-based Criminal Justice and Mercy Ministries (CJAMM).

An affiliate of the United Methodist church, CJAMM strives to end criminogenic cycles by fostering positive, faith-based interaction between individuals who have been incarcerated and their loved ones. One program available to inmates and families is Redemption Church, which offers food, worship, and socialization in a laid-back environment. Worship services typically take place on Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings, depending on the church. Certain Redemption Churches may also offer classes specializing in alcoholism or anger management.

Children of prisoners or individuals who have finished serving their prison terms can get involved by participating in the Redemption Kids Sunday School class every week at Penn Avenue Redemption Church or St. Luke’s Redemption Church.

For more information about CJAMM and Redemption Church, visit www.OKUMCMinistries.org.

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