How To Tutor Young Children in Reading

Lew McGinnis, owner of a real estate investment company in Oklahoma, has given back to the community extensively through teaching and tutoring initiatives. One area in which Lew McGinnis has offered considerable tutoring is early childhood reading development, as he personally struggled with this, and has been able to share his experiences with other late language learners.

Teaching a child who struggles with reading can be difficult, but is essential to developing other skills later in life. These tips can help you teach a child to read regardless of learning style.

Try introducing children to letters gradually, starting with one or two at a time and moving on each week. The letters in the child’s name are the easiest and most important, as the child will already be familiar with these sounds.

Once children have a basic understanding of individual letters, try teaching them some short words using flash cards. Common nouns in the home, such as mom, dad, and car are good starting points, as are common verbs like state-of-being verbs and movement verbs.

Finally, when teaching children to read, focus on building the habit of reading. Short, predictable books with consistent sentence structure and clear pictures can build the association between objects, actions, and the words that these represent.