Featuring with Dimitri Bosch, Full-stack developer at Le Wagon Berlin.

How does life look like in Japan as a freelance web developer? We sat down with Dimitri, recently settled in Tokyo and one of our teacher for the coming batch, to talk about his experience so far.

So how did Dimitri end up in Tokyo? “Well, I am here on working holiday visa” starts Dimitri, a convenient way for freelancers to live here “I did two sessions of Le Wagon in Paris as a teacher assistant in 2016. …

Featuring with Alice Clavel, Full-stack developer at Le Wagon.

After graduating from ESCP Europe, Alice enrolled with Le Wagon’s 6th batch, in January 2015. She then worked one month as a freelancer, joined Save — one of the most promising French startups — as backend Rails developer, and ultimately joined Le Wagon’s team as a lead teacher and developer. Quite a journey!

What led you to enroll with Le Wagon?

After spending one year in Berlin, working for a digital start-up, I realized my technical background was too lig to keep on working for tech companies and get cool job…

Featuring with Jean Anquetil, Full-stack developer at Drivy.

I’m very excited to be part of the team. It is my first job as a full-stack developer and I feel grateful they trust me and give me the opportunity to improve my skills.

What were you doing before joining Le Wagon’s batch #30 in Paris?

After getting my engineer degree, I worked as Product Manager in the high tech industry on the development of various accessories (mobile protection shell, headphones, loudspeakers…) before taking a gap year to focus on a personal project about music. During this gap year, I was really…

Featuring with Olivier Xu, CEO at Kudoz.

Olivier Xu built Kudoz API during his last two weeks at Le Wagon. Since then, he seed funded 1.2 million euros and sold his start-up to Leboncoin. The platform has now been renamed “Emploi Cadre”.

Why did you join Le Wagon?

After two years at Rocket Internet, I realised it was absurd to work on an innovative product without understanding the technical implications for developers. Given the lack of developers, I decided to code my own prototype of the Kudoz app at Le Wagon. In only two weeks at the end of the…

Thomas did Batch #2, Manou did Batch #30, but they now work in the same team.

I only looked for Product Manager positions and intensively prepared myself in addition to Le Wagon training. In less than 3 weeks of research I got a job.

What brought you to study at Le Wagon?

Before Le Wagon, I used to work as a business manager in the heavy equipment service industry. I’ll spare you the technical details, but let’s just say that it was a lot of responsibilities and a very intense job. Eventually I had this feeling that I wasn’t creating anything.

I was looking for fresh ideas to make a career move .I met with a…

Adrien and Maxime, two friends who met in San Francisco, they bother joined Molotov after Le Wagon’s FullStack program before launching Mozza, their own Mobile Growth Agency.

Adrien: Two years ago, I was growth marketer at Good.Co in San Francisco. At that time, I did not have any tech background to communicate with the dev team and it was very frustrating for me. I could not understand what was at stake when we were making technical decisions. Because of that, I did not have enough responsibilities in my job. Beside, I was depending on developers even to implement a very…

From there, we have worked closely with a few radio stations and even released a mobile app!

Wilfried: Before joining Le Wagon, I was a freelance in web project management and SEO as well as project manager at Aéroports de Paris. After a while, I began feeling frustrated of not being involved in the design phase of projects because of my lack of technical skills. So I quickly decided to make up for this in order to really enjoy my professional life. The answer to my problem was Le Wagon.

Hugo: I was a recent graduate in civil engineering, where…

Featuring with Thomas Chrétien, freelance developer, remote worker.

Design enthusiast and great fan of building online experiences from scratch, Thomas Chrétien has now set-up in Kiev as a remote worker for international clients.

After two years of studies in web marketing, I started coding without precisely knowing what I was doing. At the time, I really wanted to be able to create web products. I started to explore the startup environment in Paris, to finally come upon Le Wagon. Then I took the plunge and joined the third batch. …

Featuring with Arthur Littmann Full-stack developer in Le Wagon

Thanks to Le Wagon, in just a few weeks I learned how to code and completely changed my career path. I am now a part of the team running the bootcamp!

Before Le Wagon I was at Essec Business School in France and I knew I wanted to work in a startup environment. I joined because my brother who was at Apple for 10 years did Le Wagon London and basically said it would change my life, so I did the course and will never look back.

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