To the person who is blaming Hillary’s server, and Benghazi, you really need to know FACTS before…
Susan Levine

GWB did something bad so Hilary should get a turn too!

When the FBI disagrees with me, they’re biased, but when we agree, they’re right!

You should outsource all your decisions to definitely unbiased sources like, a media site founded by liberal columnists and a bastion of journalistic integrity!

I mean really. Did you even read that before hitting publish? You know George Bush was running 12 years ago, right? And you still failed to address so many of reasonable objections to Hilary because your favorite liberal mouthpiece hasn’t told you what to think yet.

I’m no Trump fan, but you’re utterly hypocritical for claiming everyone else needs to “learn FACTS” while passing on your preferred spin on things, and it’s quite dishonest to hide behind the assertion that anyone who disagrees is somehow afraid of a woman leading the country.

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